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WTF DID I MISS?? A Podcast starring Ant P. and Illuminati G and they will go over what exactly people have missed in all things thats going on in the world.

Episode 63 - Communication Is Key

Episode 63! On this episode Ant and J discuss some of their sponsorships and business ventures they are now involved with before they jump right into ...
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WTF Did I Miss EP 58- 2020 PT. 2

Episode 58! on this episode Daun returns and her and J discusses how their 2020 went for them and the gang touches on the capitol riots and what could...
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EP 57- 2020 Pt. 1

episode 57! on this episode Ant and G break down 2020 from their personal standpoint. Episode is eyeopening and you learn alot about the two. So tune ...
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Ep 56- Ticking Time Bombs

Episode 56! o this Episode Ant G and J discuss the Pistons and their season and also discuss whats been going on in the world as the year 2020 wrap up...
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