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Yea Man! Podcast is hosted by Comedian Rodrigo Torres. Rodrigo is also the co-host of the What's Up Fool? Podcast. Yea Man! Podcast is a weekly podcast. Yea Man Podcast's are solo, or guests include friends, comedians, politicians and people like yourself. Keep Shining!

Yea Man! Episode 77

Rodrigo chills and gives some shout outs and spits about the Texas Chilly Winter amongst other things.
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Yea Man! Podcast Ep. 73

Rodrigo talks and talks about conspiracy theories gone wild! Eating too much pork, eating too many edibles. Also, The World Premier of the SmokeKast R...
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Yea Man! Podcast Episode 72

Rodrigo gets the silver bullet back from the body shop. Talks about homelife, old barber shop stories and thoughts on Vanessa Guillen amongst other th...
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Yea Man! EP. 70

Rodrigo gets back to the basics speaking on what's been going on, from pandemic to disorder, Pest Control and being on the Church of What's Happening ...
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Yea Man! Episode 69

Rodrigo speaks on the our current state of affairs, Covid toe, Asian Hornet and the economic hardship and wraps it up with what he has been watching: ...
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