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Just few Dumb Bastards sitting around a table at lunch talking. Love us, hate us, want to chime in about a topic or anything in between, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us: Instagram:Youdumbbastard Twitter: @YouBastardDumb

Prerecorded Nightmare

This segment was recorded on Friday after a long week of bullshit. You Dumb Bastards relate, sometimes you just need to get shit off your chest. So th...
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Is It Okay to Say Beaner?

Siener, Juice, and Mexican Larry are the bombastic trifecta that brought you this podcast. Act casual.... Artist: Metallica Song: Atlas, Rise!
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The Two Part Special

This is the longest podcast we've ever done. There's a lot going on in this one. Sit back, relax, get your favorite snack and beverage and enjoy the s...
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The Lost and Found

While we lost Ginger Raptor Leeka to an intense game of 4 man chess again. We found a Mexican Larry to be on the podcast. This show is sponsored by no...
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Better Late Than Never

It's a warm Friday in Cincinnati. Most people would drive to the local ice cream dispensary and get their favorite tasty treat, but these dumb bastard...
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Working For the Weekend

Dr. Birthday is back and quiet as ever. Siener talks about his upcoming concert and trip to Chicago. Juice gets a Tijuana Mama. Artist: Soundgarden So...
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Gossip of the Finest Quality

The guys bash a couple Larry's and gossip about a few more. We're all a bunch of gossiping dumb bastards at heart. Why else would you be listening to ...
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Workplace politics

This week's podcast starts off a little slow (sorry for the audio quality). Cousin Eric stops by to talk politics with Siener. Juice and Dr. Birthday ...
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