You Had Us At Hello


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A podcast about rom coms, for rom com lovers and haters everywhere. With Tess Morris and Billy Mernit.

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Billy and Tess finally drop back into your feed, over a year since their last pod, but hey, it's been quite a year... We talk about why we haven't pod...
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POD OF THE YEAR (literally)

CONTAINS A HUGE AMOUNT OF SWEARING.We know, we know, it's been a year, but we are nothing if not consistent rom com podcasters.Billy and Tess discuss ...
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A Fine Romance

It's the end of the year, which can mean only one thing. Billy and Tess need to exchange gifts from under the rom com tree, make some rom com resoluti...
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Tess and Billy's Rom Com Oscars

We're back! Did you miss us? We did. Anyway, seeing as awards season is FINALLY drawing to a close, we thought we'd dish out some of our own gongs, an...
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The Gift Of The Holiday Rom Com!

Hello friends!Our 6th and final pod of the year! And what a year it has been, so we decided to give each other some presents, and some resolutions, al...
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Women (Only)

Pod 5! Okay, we appreciate we're not the most regular podcasting team, but life is what happens while you're busy planning podcasts. Anyway, we were c...
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Amazin' Craig Mazin!

Fourth pod lucky, and we finally secure an audience with Craig Mazin! We talk about romantic comedies people don't think are romantic comedies - namel...
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The Big Sick

Pod 3! In this third pod, Billy and Tess go and see The Big Sick, and then record their thoughts immediately afterwards. which seamlessly segues into ...
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Love Hate Actually

Finally! Sorry for the delay, but we explain all, with spoilers, at the top of the pod. Enjoy!
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