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A podcast celebrating the crazy little things that make us all unique. It's comedy!

50 - Michael's Eyes

Classic Film Jerk and Atomic Geek Michael DiGiovanni joins us to talk about eyes and eye related issues. You'll tear up at this one!Click here to list...
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48 - Evan's Textures!

The self-proclaimed "Worst Podcast Guest Ever", Evan Hanson comes on to talk about his textural issues! Find out who wears the pants on this show - an...
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47 - Anniversary-sode!

TIME FLIES! Has it really been a year? You bet your sweet weird, it has! Listen to the guys reminisce and reflect and choose their favorite guest of a...
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46 - Pax's Fairies!

It's a MAGICAL episode as Paxton "Pax" Holley (of The Nerd Lunch, Cult Film Club, and Hell Bent for Letterbox podcasts) joins us to talk about ... fai...
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44 - Chad's Wrappers

This week Chad Young (of joins us to talk about wrappers!click here to listenYou will never look at gum the same way again! (or ma...
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42 - CTs Sandwich Bears

This week Carlin "CT" Trammel of The Nerd Lunch Podcast RETURNS to talk about Sandwich Anxiety... but we wind up talking mostly about bears. You might...
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