Zen in the Art of Monday Morning


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A podcast about the practical, real-life, day-to-day application of mindfulness.

Part 11 - Love is a Roundtrip

What if I had exactly what I needed in this very moment - the thing that would make everything all right? What if everybody did?This bonus episode is ...
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Part 10 - Origin Story

Who you are and where you come from. Every superhero has an origin story. This one is yours.This episode is part 10 out of 10. A sincere thank you to ...
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Part 9 - The Big Me

When life throws punches, how can I be the person I most want to be? Like everyone, I have the potential to be good, to make a difference, to not be b...
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Part 8 - Your Job

So... what do you do? Not what do you do to make a living, but what do you do to make a life? This week is all about our jobs, our purpose, and if the...
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Part 7 - Ancient Wisdom

Our most ancient wisdom is about 2,700 years old, but our species is about 300,000 years old - what took us so long? Maybe to know who we really are a...
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Part 6 - A Backpack of Rocks

Memories can be wonderful - so can thoughts about the future, but when they become stories that drive thoughts of guilt, regret, anxiety, or dread, th...
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Part 5 - Sales Pitch

I don’t know what I don’t know if I don’t know that I don’t know it. So how do I know? This week, I walk through the single most important daily activ...
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Part 4 - Roommate from Hell

How do I evict the jerk living in my own head? When I encounter a problem that I have the answer for, then my own inner dialogue can my best buddy - m...
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Part 3 - This Magic Moment

In Part 3 - This Magic Moment, our Zen road trip reaches its destination in Japan. We follow the finger pointing to the moon and talk about Zen practi...
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Part 2 - Black is White

In Part 2 - Black is White, we continue our Zen road trip from India to Japan, with Buddhism taking a pit stop in China for a few hundred years to han...
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