Roshan Shetty’s Full Power Show

Everybody loves a good story; especially when the story spreads hope, cheer and positivity. This year began with a pandemic engulfing the world! It locked us up at home and left us wondering, ‘Kab khatam hoga yeh lockdown? But it’s good to know that during these trying times, there are some good samaritans out there […]

How to Share Podcast RSS Feed to Podcasting Platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, etc

How to Upload your RSS Feed on iTunes, Stitcher, etc

There are so many platforms for podcasting these days and it can be difficult to keep up with the process of uploading your podcast on all of them. We automatically upload your podcasts on Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, PocketCasts and a lot of other platforms. Here are some other platforms where you can get your […]

5 Best Free Podcast Platforms for the Indian Creator

The podcast industry is booming! Podcasting is becoming increasingly accessible and popular to content creators, bloggers, RJs, businesses, brands, and anyone else who wants to launch their own audio show or channel. But how do you launch your very own podcast? What are the best free online podcast creation and hosting platforms? Want to launch […]


Stories have a very important place in our lives. Everything around us has shaped our minds through stories, be it science, geographical facts, long lost history, maths, or literature. We live for stories of past and future. Why do we talk about being a 90’s kid was so fortunate because we all experienced the enjoyment […]


What does it take to be a woman especially if she is a working woman? Many of us have contemplated different norms that are still chasing the rights of women by not letting her decide or, stopping her to choose the right thing. So, here is a podcast named ‘Woman In Labour’ hosted by a […]

woman talking to a crowd about starting a podcast

How To Start Your Podcast?

What is a Podcast? Podcasts are audio shows and stories that are available on the internet. Podcasts are series of recorded content pieces, usually based around a specific idea, topic, or theme – just like your favorite shows on TV. They are typically audio recordings of narratives or conversations, either between a host and a […]

Launching Hubhopper Audiograms

You can now turn your podcast into amazing social videos to promote it across your social media handles. On receiving multiple requests from Indian podcasters for a tool that would allow them to add their podcast to major video and visual sharing platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo, the Hubhopper team began working on […]

Hubhopper’s Official Statement

Recently, certain internal feeds and URLs were unintentionally exposed. These URLs were in turn indexed by search engines during their routine crawling exercise. On being made aware of this oversight, the Hubhopper team rolled back and has scrapped these links altogether. This change has also now reflected across all platforms that have since completed their […]