How to Monetize Your Podcast Through Premium Content

One of the most common ways to monetize a podcast is through sponsorships and in-show advertisements. It is what big podcasters do these days and it works for them. They have a vast audience that easily attracts big brands and sponsors. But what if you are not in the big league yet?  Today, podcast monetization […]

Podcasting by Experts: In Conversation With Dilip Kumar of “The Podcasting University”

For Dilip – internet marketer, niche blogger, podcaster, freelancer, mentor and social media buff – podcasting offers him an opportunity to make use of his experience and help budding podcasters in creating, promoting, and monetizing their shows.  Through “The Podcasting University”, the host aims to help people start their podcast smoothly. Having faced a roadblock […]

How to Grow Your Podcast Through Collaborations

Collaborating with creators and industry experts is one of the fastest routes to grow your podcast. Collaboration is a two-way road, you bring an influential and insightful guest to your podcast and similarly you become a guest on theirs.  It’s a give and take of perspectives between you and the collaborator and audiences for both […]

Podcast as a Marketing Tool for Your Brand

Running from one platform to another, trying to promote your product in the best light and then monitoring which platform and which strategy worked best – Brand marketing can be tricky sometimes. That’s why your business needs a podcast. Podcasts have huge potential in terms of helping you personalize your brand. They are easy to […]

How To Integrate your Podcast Onto your Website

A lot of hard work goes into creating an engaging piece of content and making it successful. If you are investing your precious time into creating a podcast, make sure you are covering every aspect that will make it a success.  Besides being unique and valuable, your content has to be easily accessible to people […]