Podcast as a Marketing Tool for Your Brand

Running from one platform to another, trying to promote your product in the best light and then monitoring which platform and which strategy worked best – Brand marketing can be tricky sometimes. That’s why your business needs a podcast. Podcasts have huge potential in terms of helping you personalize your brand. They are easy to […]

How To Integrate your Podcast Onto your Website

A lot of hard work goes into creating an engaging piece of content and making it successful. If you are investing your precious time into creating a podcast, make sure you are covering every aspect that will make it a success.  Besides being unique and valuable, your content has to be easily accessible to people […]

Ways to promote your podcast

Knowing how to promote your podcast after finally launching it live, is crucial in the initially stages of building your audience. With all the hard work & creativity put into your amazing new podcast, publishing it and keeping it under the shelf does not do justice to your efforts. Hence, we have compiled some pretty […]