How to Retain Your Podcast Audience and Keep Them Engaged

When listeners are involved and interested in the podcast, they are more likely to recommend it to their friends and family, which helps the show expand and draw in new listeners. Additionally, the longer listeners stay interested in the broadcast, the more possibility there is to build a relationship with them, which encourages greater interest […]

Podcast Promotion Strategies: How to Attract More Loyal Listeners

Podcasting has become an immensely popular medium for sharing knowledge, stories, and entertainment. However, with over two million podcasts in existence today, it’s crucial to employ effective promotion strategies to attract listeners and stand out from the crowd. The key to getting listeners is promotion, promotion, promotion! Having a good idea for a podcast isn’t […]

How to Monetize Your Podcast Through Premium Content

One of the most common ways to monetize a podcast is through sponsorships and in-show advertisements. It is what big podcasters do these days and it works for them. They have a vast audience that easily attracts big brands and sponsors. But what if you are not in the big league yet?  Today, podcast monetization […]

Podcasting by Experts: In Conversation With Dilip Kumar of “The Podcasting University”

For Dilip – internet marketer, niche blogger, podcaster, freelancer, mentor and social media buff – podcasting offers him an opportunity to make use of his experience and help budding podcasters in creating, promoting, and monetizing their shows.  Through “The Podcasting University”, the host aims to help people start their podcast smoothly. Having faced a roadblock […]