How to Submit Your Podcast to Gaana in India

Submitting your podcast to major directories is one of the most important steps in creating and publishing a podcast. To start your distribution process submit your podcast on Gaana. Gaana has more than 185 million monthly active users that will help you in reaching different sets of audiences and increase your podcast discovery. While you […]

How to Submit Your Podcast to JioSaavn in India

Submitting your podcast to various directories is an important step as your podcast needs to be available to listeners in the right place. When you are submitting your podcast to Indian directories, make sure that you submit it to JioSaavn. While you can reach global audiences from other platforms, JioSaavn will help you in reaching […]

Make Your Instagram TV / IGTV Into a Podcast

Did you know that you can use Instagram features to create audio-based content for your podcast? Instagram is a great platform when it comes to creating and sharing content. The platform allows you to reach people from all over the world and connect with them through diverse content. With Instagram, you can create audio content […]

Make Your YouTube Channel Into a Podcast

YouTube is a great platform when it comes to video content, but does not do much justice when it comes to uploading audio focused videos on the video streaming platform. From high data consumption to limited audience, here are some reasons why you should look at expanding your YouTube channel brand into podcasts. This is […]

How to Submit Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts in India

The first thing to do after creating your podcast is to submit it to Apple podcasts (earlier known as iTunes). Apple Podcasts is one of the world’s largest platforms for podcast discovery and listening. Remember that Apple Podcasts is not a hosting platform. It is a directory of shows submitted by users that can be […]

How to Submit Your Podcast to Spotify in India

There’s been a lot of buzz about Spotify listenership reaching a new height this year. According to eMarketer’s forecast, 28.2 million people in the US, will listen to podcasts on Spotify at least monthly and 28.0 million will listen to podcasts via Apple Podcasts. Spotify began more than a decade ago but its arrival in […]

Designing Tips For Your Podcast Cover Art

Creating a podcast is not just about recording your episodes and publishing them. It is also about visuals. Just like most people judge a book by its cover, listeners who will stumble upon your podcast will also form an opinion about your content based on how impressive your cover art is. The fact that it […]

The Best Microphone for Podcasting in India

Looking for a microphone for recording your podcast can be quite a task. With a plethora of options in the market, budget constraints and the system technicalities involved, choosing the perfect microphone can sometimes get extremely overwhelming, specially for those who are new to the audio space. However we have good news! There’s finally a […]

Microphones Recommended for Podcast

If you are looking to up your podcasting game by looking to purchase a brand new microphone, you should know before hand that microphones do not come cheap. However, it is an investing worth spending as you will clearly find out the drastic improvement in the audio quality captured by these microphones. Here are some microphone […]

How to Write a Podcast Script For Different Podcast Formats

Getting started with podcasting starts with deciding on a format for your podcast. You can always look at mix matching different types of formats to see which format works best for your content and for your audience. Once you are all set with your podcast format & script, you can visit the Hubhopper studio website […]