emotional podcasts

Best Emotional Podcasts that Will Make You Cry

Here are some best podcasts that will really make you emotional: 1.Nancy This podcast will make you laugh, cry, and be thoroughly intrigued as they dive into various topics. It has lots of episodes that will surely touch your heart and inspire you. The hosts are very down to earth, quick-witted and informative. The topics […]

crime podcasts

Top 8 True Crime Podcasts to Listen to in 2019

Here are the best true crime podcasts to listen to in 2019: 1.Dr. Death ‘Dr Death’ is a kind of podcast that will leave you speechless. It has a catastrophic tailspin into dark places. This is the perfect podcast for a person who loves a journalistic view and a creepy story with beautiful music. This […]

paranormal podcasts

Top 5 Real Paranormal Stories and Their Investigations

Ghosts, spirits, paranormal – these words have accompanied the existence of men since time unknown. The existence of paranormal elements have been felt by many, supported by many more but no one has been able to find enough evidence to prove it. Some have refuted the idea, some have criticised those who believe in the […]

fiction podcasts

Best Fiction Podcasts You Must Listen to in 2019

1.The Musafir Stories – India Travel Podcast The Musafir Stories is an audio podcast that documents Indian travel tales. Each episode we share the journey of travellers in their own words and relive their experience with our listeners. The sole aim of our podcast is to share the rich experiences of travelling in India and […]

horror podcasts

Top 10 Horror/Thriller Podcasts in 2019

1. Paranormal Reality This podcast is the journey of a man who is extensively trying to uncover the reality of the paranormal. Jay Alani, a paranormal investigator, talks about his experiences while exploring the world of the paranormal. Around us, there are countless stories of supernatural and paranormal phenomena. Amidst all these claims regarding the […]

travel podcasts

How do Travel Podcasts Enrich Your Life?

It is very rightly said that “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Traveling is what fills one’s soul and is a cure-all to every problem. A short rewind will make you remember how you requested your college mates to go on a trip and an introspection […]

podcast platform

What Are The Best Podcast Hosting Platforms?

Every living or dead material needs a home to thrive, to get recognized and to stamp its presence and so does podcasts. Podcasts will yield better results, get maximum response and attention and prove its magic if placed rightly under an influential platform. Podcast hosting platforms are “home” to podcasts making it possible to gain […]

What are poetry and story podcast?

Poetry podcast-Do you remember the poem recited by Farhan Akhtar in ZNMD which gave goose bumps? What made it different was its convincing recital. So are poetry podcasts that add the magic of recital to the simple poetry making it more personal, lively and soothing. Hubhopper offers such placating range of poetry narrated by best […]