009: 7 Ways to Avoid Burnout This Semester


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Lineweights Over Coffee


7 ways to avoid burnout this semesterDo you at times feel exhausted, unproductive, and uninterested in your studio work? Chances are you might be burned out! But don't worry, I've been there before, it's not pretty, and there is way out, I promise. As a podcaster, I love listening to other podcasts and am always on the lookout for great content that I can share with architecture students. One of my favorite podcasts is Lead to Win by Micheal Hyatt (formerly This is Your Life), and their episode on Burnout Culture I found directly applicable to the studio culture at most architecture schools. The long nights spent on design studio projects can have a tremendous negative impact on your health, productivity, and creativity. In this episode, we discuss the negative impacts of the burnout culture in architecture school including the inverse relationship between hours worked and productivity, the devastating effects of sleep deprivation, and the long-term effects of sustained heavy workloads.7 ways to beat burning out:1. Get over your guilt2. Food is Fuel3. Focused work to relax more4. Creativity vs. Production5. The Power of Peers6. Eliminate Decision Fatigue7. Recreation