010: 8 Tips for a Better Architecture Portfolio


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Lineweights Over Coffee


In this episode of the Lineweights Over Coffee Podcast, we cover 8 great tips that can help you build your portfolio.A portfolio is like an ambassador, it represents you in places you cannot go physically and embodies your design skills, qualifications, aspirations and dreams. The design of a portfolio is as critical as the content within it and should always be seen as a design project in an of itself: the challenge of how a portfolio can effectively represent you and your values to an audience that has never seen you before.In this episode, the 8 tips we cover are:1. start EARLY2. record your PROCESS3. use a TEMPLATE4. know you AUDIENCE5. understand PUBLISHING6. limit your TEXT7. effective ORGANIZATION8. get FEEDBACKLinks mentioned in this episode:ISSUUA great online platform to upload your portfolioissuu.comMy first website that served as a portfolio (back in 2015):azharkportfolio.com