012: Dr. Don Sanders, Director of the Merold Institute of Ministry (St. Charles, MO)


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Called to Serve


We’re excited to bring you this conversation with Dr. Don Sanders, who is the Director of the Merold Institute of Ministry and the Staff Development Pastor at Harvester Christian Church in St. Charles, MO. He is also a long-time adjunct for SLCC, teaching in the areas of ministry, Biblical languages, and education. Don is a 1991 graduate of SLCC, a graduate of Lincoln Christian University, and recently graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with his doctorate.  In our conversation, we focus on the role of Christian higher education in the ministry landscape today. You’ll learn about online vs. face-to-face education, how The Merold Institute brings a unique approach to ministry education, the future of Christian higher education, and much more. To access the show notes for this episode, please visit https://stlchristian.edu/podcast012.