013: Think Outside the Sphere


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Lineweights Over Coffee


This episode is all about challenging your preconceptions - trying to think beyond our current understanding of how things are done, realizing that nothing is impossible and the importance of reaching out to other disciplines to achieve our goals.In cities such as Dubai, buildings account for around 80% of the total energy consumption. How can designers and architects begin to change the way we think in order to mitigate our effects on the planet? How can we begin to challenge our preconceptions and adopt a mode of thinking that allows us to explore unconventional solutions to today's problems?We will use the Flat Earth Theory as a point of departure to explore two concepts:the ability to imagine beyond our current understanding of physical reality and constraintseliminating self-doubtWe will use examples in recent history such as Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Boyan Slat to illustrate the myth of the 'impossible' as well as look at architects such as Jakob+MacFarlane, Frank Gehry and Santiago Calatrava who were able to utilize multiple disciplines to achieve their ideas.In this episode we discuss:The concept of the 'impossible'Perseverance and success against negativityArchitect's and their collaborations outside architecture