021. What Them Cleats Do?


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This week we are talking NFL Week 4 scoreboards, hot NFL topics including Eric Reid in Charlotte, the Atlanta Braves as NL East Champs, praying Atlanta United brings home some brass, and of course, some Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers tangents.  Like, Follow & Share Girls Who Love Balls! Instagram: www.instagram.com/girlswholoveballs Facebook: www.facebook.com/girlswholoveballs Twitter: www.twitter.com/realGWLB Angelica Patterson: www.instagram.com/ap.always Jackie Choice: www.instagram.com/misschoice_ & www.instagram.com/jacquelinechoicellc  Booking Info - hello@girlswholoveballs.com Song: Spondivits Artists: Dro Fe & Valee (Produced by Real McCoy) IG: Dro Fe www.instagram.com/dro_fe & Valee www.instagram.com/valee YouTube: Dro Fe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCctB30F1cbvOlA-S8a7n7vQ Valee: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNe7Y62FUGDsRHRWtcuIiSQ  We do NOT own the rights to the dope ass music in this episode