047: Outdated Financial Advice


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Catching the Coin


It's nostalgic to look back at the past decades and notice the outdated trends and technology that no longer exist. Yet, when it comes to financial advice; it's disturbing to learn just how many beliefs and teachings still abound that are clearly outdated. Today, we review a blogpost on TheSimpleDollar titled, "Outdated Financial Advice". In This Episode We Look At: Financial beliefs and advice that are still alive and kicking, but should be let out to pasture, like: "Depend on your husband's income" "Find a solid company and work there until you retire" "Everyone should attend college immediately after High School" "You should buy as much home as you can afford" "Always use a Debit card instead of Cash" Today's Resources and Links: Outdated Financial Advice One Thing You Can Do Today to Improve Your Financial World: Ask yourself when reading or receiving financial advice: "Is this true for my financial needs today?" What Are Your Thoughts? If you have a question or comment about today's topic, we invite you to share your thoughts.