052: A Smart Approach to Balancing Risk and Return for Your Clients


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Higher returns often mean higher volatility — so how do you know when it’s worth it to be more aggressive and when you should settle for a lower, but more stable, return? And how can you help clients trust that you’re taking the right approach? Today’s guest is always thinking about risk and return and has a framework to help you balance the two. Martin Pelletier is a portfolio manager and managing director at TriVest Wealth Counsel, a division of Wellington-Altus Private Wealth. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder and has extensive investment industry experience, including senior roles in capital markets, private banking, venture capital, wealth management, and family and multi-family office. Martin is regularly featured in the media and is a weekly contributor to the Financial Post's Investment Pro section. He is a member of Thomson Reuters Canada’s top 40 social influencers in finance, innovation and risk (2017), was a top-10 finalist for the BlackRock Award for Canadian Portfolio/Discretionary Manager of the Year (2018) and was recently named to Wealth Professional Canada Magazine’s Leading Portfolio Managers (2019). Listen in to hear what Martin has to say about risk, return, and the foundation of his success. What You’ll Learn in This Episode:  How Martin (accidentally) avoided the financial crisis (2:05) How goals-based benchmarking removes unnecessary risk (6:25) How asset management differs between high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients (12:30) Building trust at scale (17:00) How thinking big and building small has contributed to Martin’s success (21:55) How advisors need to reposition themselves to succeed in a changing industry (28:20) How Martin has eliminated the most challenging aspect of his business (33:40) Why he thinks you should never get comfortable (40:40)  Links and Resources: TriVest Wealth Martin Pelletier Email Martin Quotes by Martin:  “With ETFs coming out, it’s democratized the investment industry, and commoditized it.” “It’s all about building relationships. The number one reason why someone’s going to decide to go with you is trust.” “If you really want to impose change, you have to think big and build small.” Martin Pelletier’s financial advice is sought after both by the media, and high and ultra-high net worth families. Today, he’s sharing his expertise with us. Below, we&rsquo