058: How to Build a Successful Practice by Swimming Against the Tide


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Sometimes, you may encounter an idea or opportunity that hasn’t yet been adopted by the mainstream, but you just know that it makes sense. Having the vision to know when something makes sense for your practice or your clients even though it isn’t yet mainstream in your field is a quality that can separate the average advisors from the exceptional ones. Today’s guest – an early adopter of ETFs – has insights to share about the importance of knowing when to swim against the tide.  Keith Matthews is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Tulett, Matthews & Associates. He has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and is a Chartered Investment Manager. For close to 25 years, Keith has been working with his clients to deliver leading-edge wealth management strategies to help his clients reach their long-term goals. Listen to the episode to hear Keith talk about why he decided to become an advisor, what attracted Keith to ETFs in the early days, and how clients respond to Keith’s book, The Empowered Investor. Topics Discussed in This Episode:  Why Keith decided to become an advisor (3:22) What attracted Keith to ETFs early on (5:57) How Keith approaches advising and serving his clients (12:08) Why doing taxes for clients gives you an edge (15:53) The role of Keith’s book in the client acquisition process (21:17) How Keith leverages software at his practice (32:11) Advice for new advisors (40:11) Links and Resources:  Tulett, Matthews & Associates The Empowered Investor Quotes From the Show:  “All of the early advisors that were doing this knew it made sense, knew it was the right thing, knew it was very friendly for clients.”  “The idea of at least understanding tax sensitivities is huge for an advisor, and it’s a huge value-add for clients.”  “If a client buys into all the following things and wants to have the sort of comprehensive approach that we’re dealing with, wants to be engaged, is serious, wants to see themselves reach their goals, and subscribes to the investment approach, then I think we’ve got a really nice connection.” With an expansive career in the industry, Keith has become an expert on ETFs and passively managed strategies. His knowledge and experience can help you evaluate your processes, no matter what career stage you are in.  Below, we’re discussing three key ideas from today’s episode:  How Keith Pioneered the use of ETFs