059: How to Create a Value-Based Portfolio that Performs Well


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Is it possible to make investments and get good returns while investing in assets that reflect your values? Today’s guest says that it is. Tim Nash is the founder of Good Investing, an investment planning firm with a focus on sustainable investing.  Tim's blog The Sustainable Economist has inspired thousands of Canadians to invest according to their values with model portfolios to reflect different definitions of sustainable investing. Tim writes a bi-weekly column for The Toronto Star and is regularly featured in publications such as CBC’s The National, BNN Bloomberg’s Market Call, and the Globe and Mail. Listen to the episode to hear what Tim has to say about what’s involved in sustainable investing, what kinds of returns can be expected from those investments, and how Tim approaches helping his clients invest in a way that reflects their values. Topics Discussed in This Episode:  What Tim and his firm do (1:09) How Tim got into his niche of the industry (3:22) Terms of Socially Responsible Investing (8:50) Where socially responsible investing is in terms of returns (14:20) Tim’s approach to advising and serving clients (20:00) Tim’s sliding scale (24:45) Tim’s advice for investors (46:19)  Links and Resources:  Good Investing The Sustainable Economist Quotes From the Show:  “The number one indicator that is most correlated to financial outperformance is gender diversity on the Board of Directors."  “You don’t need to sacrifice financial performance. You can do at least just as well, and most socially responsible funds have outperformed by a little bit.”  “I very much believe in price discrimination- that some people can afford a higher price, and some people can afford a lower price.” From his unique business approach to his success in the sustainable investing niche, Tim Nash offers insights backed by years operating in the industry. Advisors at any career stage can benefit from learning from his expertise, along with hearing about the potential performance implications of cultivating a sustainable client portfolio. Below, we will be discussing three key ideas from today’s episode:  How Tim Breaks Down Sustainable Investing  Expected Returns in Sustainable Investing How Tim Structures his Business to Serve People from All Walks of Life  To listen to the full epi