061: Building a Successful Practice That Is a Good Fit for You


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Growing Your Financial Advisory Practice | Insights for Financial Advisors, Planners and Investment Managers


Advisors need to be able to help their clients meet not just their short-term goals, but also their long-term wealth management goals, and that means building strong relationships with clients and having a clear understanding of their needs and priorities. Today’s guest has built a successful practice doing just that.    Daryn Form has built a successful financial advisory business over the past 20 years. In 1999, he earned the Certified Financial Planner™ professional designation. In 2011, he earned the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM™) offered by the Canadian Securities Institute; this professional designation is required to be licensed as a discretionary portfolio manager in Canada. Daryn uses a scientific process-driven approach to investing—along with his breadth of experience and knowledge in wealth management and advanced financial planning—to help his clients achieve their financial goals.  Topics Discussed in This Episode:   Who Daryn’s firm serves (1:14) Why Daryn decided to become an advisor early on (3:24) Daryn’s onboarding process for clients (9:36) How Daryn approaches client acquisition (14:18) Why Daryn decided to switch to an AUM-based model (20:53) How would he start in the wealth management industry today (32:07)    Links and Resources:    Assante First Avenue   Quotes From the Show:   “In some ways the business has changed dramatically, in some ways it hasn't changed at all - this is still a relationship-oriented business.“   “The majority of our new clients come from our overwhelming effort to do terrific work for people, such that they want to tell other people about it.”  “Their problem is unique to them, but it’s not unique to others, which means it wasn’t unique to us.”    With over two decades of industry experience, Daryn’s expertise stemming from building his own successful practice is useful to advisors of all different levels. Today, he is sharing his experience and wisdom with us.   Below, we’re sharing three key ideas from the episode:  Daryn’s clientele and how he approaches serving and acquiring them  How to build a business that is a good fit for you