#1: Pet Food Debate Kibble vs Raw with Chelsea Kent


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Pet Wellness Revolution


Jaime Rowe of ParsleyPet interviews Chelsea Kent, Founder of the Food Regulation Facts Alliance and talks about the kibble vs raw pet food debate. On today's podcast, we discuss how small, local, fresh pet food producers have regulators terrified. These producers are disrupting an industry that is long overdue and for years have cause illness for our cherished furry family members. Chelsea brings insights and facts from her Mercola Pets article about local, fresh pet food producers and regulators. Learn about the difference between kibble and raw diets and how kibble is manufactured. Not all pet food is created equal. We discuss what rendering of animals entails and what is added to pet food kibble that doesn't show up on labels. Come on a journey with us and build your awareness of what goes into your dog or cat's dinner bowl every night. Welcome to the Pet Wellness Revolution!Resources:Food Regulation Facts Alliance - Chelsea (foodregulationfacts@gmail.com)The Truth About Pet FoodDr. Karen BeckerPet Fooled DocumentaryNext Generation Pet Food ManufacturersRodney HabibParsleyPet - In-home diagnostic testing kits and supplements for pets