10 Affirmations to Help You Speak Life Into Your Business


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Morning Motivation


Mind traps, or limiting beliefs, can get in the way of running your business. To help you move through them, here’s a tool: business affirmations. Usually the word entrepreneur and the word affirmations don’t go together, but if you’ve been tracking with me and understand the importance of minimizing limiting beliefs to achieve success, you’ll want to start incorporating these into your business practice.As we learned, one way to work through a negative belief is to counter it with a positive belief instead. In this podcast, I’ve listed 10 affirmations you can start saying over your business today. Learn to retrain your brain, especially when things like lack of confidence, procrastination, fear, perfectionism or overthinking start to creep in. Join my mailing list: https://mailchi.mp/75d39447b5bc/winners-mindset-checklistGet the full Mindset Matters Companion Guide with in-depth information on the five mind traps that most entrepreneurs face and over 20 strategies to overcome them: https://gum.co/mindsetmatters