101 | Finding Balance in Your Marketing Strategy with Lindsay Graves


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Feel Good Social Media Marketing Podcast


There’s no cut and dry way to market your business on social media. But our brains want yes and no answers for how we should do things. So a lot of times our content ends up coming out a little flat - either sharing tip after tip after tip or just saying “buy from me, buy from me, buy from me” - because that’s what we think we’re supposed to do. But what’s actually attractive to your ideal customers is your perspectives, your mission, your values, and your stories. That’s what makes your brand unique and that’s what people end up loving about you. And it’s a realization that former 1:1 coaching client of mine (and now - founding member of the Feel Good Social Club), Lindsay Graves, has figured out. Check out this episode where she shares how she’s learned how to create content for her business in a way that works for her. We talk more about+ Lindsay’s story and what she does (It’s pretty stinkin' cool, especially if you’re a plant person and you live in a high altitude climate) + How you’ve kind of got to go through this “trying things out” period to find a strategy that works for you+ How to avoid getting distracted by shiny marketing strategies and treat your content creation like a science experiment+ And how your social media strategy is only one part of the marketing puzzle (Or one slice of the pizza, which is actually the metaphor we used in this episode) Connect with Lindsay at fourthstreetfarm.com or on Instagram @fourthstreetfarm!If you enjoy this episode, please leave a review on Apple Podcast and share it to your Instagram stories!Don't forget to tag me @feelgoodsocial, so I can see and spread the love back to you!---For extended show notes + a whole lot of goodies, visit feelgoodsocial.com/episode/101---Been struggling to keep ALLL the things of your business organized? Honeybook is my one-stop software to track my projects, clients, invoices and more! Click here to start your FREE TRIAL and snag 50% OFF your first year, if you decide to sign up: feelgoodsocial.com/honeybook---What's your BRAND VIBE on Instagram? I've got a QUIZ for that!With our new fun 7-question quiz, I'll help you hone in your brand's personality + voice + visuals, so you can easily create content that feels "on brand" and looks beautiful in your grid!TAKE OUR QUIZ HERE: feelgoodsocial.com/quiz