103 | How To: Create Your 2022 Content Strategy


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Feel Good Social Media Marketing Podcast


#RealTalk: If you're just posting willy nilly and creating content without rhyme or reason, you're wasting your precious time.When you create a Content Strategy,  your content creation process will be easier, you'll build trust with your ideal customers and you'll see better results for your business.Are you ready?In today's episode, I'm sharing how you can outline your content GOALS x PILLARS x PLAN to make your 2022 strategy the best it can be!Our FREE 2022 Content Strategy Workshop has already happened...But I'd love for you to check out the Feel Good Social Club! Join the Feel Good Social Club TODAY: feelgoodsocial.com/club---Struggling to hone in on your Brand's Vibe on Instagram? Take our quick & fun quiz: feelgoodsocial.com/quiz(yep, it's free ;)