104 | My Exact Process For Mapping Out Your Monthly Content For Your Brand


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Feel Good Social Media Marketing Podcast


How can you make your social content less overwhelming / confusing / frustrating and *more* strategic, easy and enjoyable every month? By MAPPING out your month first, so you know exactly what / why / how you're posting.In today's episode, I'm breaking down the exact process I walk my Feel Good Social Clubber's through every month in our Content Planning Workshops, so you can gain clarity and confidence when it comes to showing up online for your brand.And if you enjoy this process, I'd love to invite you to check out our online membership for down-to-earth entrepreneurs The Feel Good Social Club!Like I said, we host monthly live planning workshops for mapping out our monthly strategies, brainstorming content ideas and creating our social media plan-of-attack.The Club also includes an exclusive, unlimited Canva template & tutorial library to make your content creation process as easy as possible...PLUS, we have a rad online community (that's *not* on Facebook ;) where you can connect with other awesome entrepreneurs who "get it" and are happing to answer your questions, give you feedback, dish up a pep talk or kick you in the accountabili-booty whenever you need. ;)---Join the Feel Good Social Club TODAY: feelgoodsocial.com/club---Struggling to hone in on your Brand's Vibe on Instagram? Take our quick & fun quiz: feelgoodsocial.com/quiz(yep, it's free ;)