106 | He Put A Ring On It! Our Not-So-Perfect (Yet Pretty Perfect) Engagement Story ?


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Feel Good Social Media Marketing Podcast


Today's episode is a litttttle different than our usual actionable marketing episodes, because I'm sharing a personal story about how Brett and I got engaged this past month.Although I do try to share a "social media takeaway" moral of the story, it's more about sharing a relatable experience and celebrating with YOU, my feel good listeners.SO, grab a coffee or a cocktail, sit back and enjoy a little casual / entertaining / relatable storytelling from one of your best gal pals. (that's me!)P.S. I'd also love to hear from YOU!!! If you enjoy this story and want to share your own, hit me up on Instagram at @feelgoodsocial!Send me a message and tell me you came from the podcast and I'll be sure to give you a follow back!