1.07 -- Risen (Part 1)


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Tale of Tales


In this (year late) episode of Tale of Tales, we'll explore the complexities of imperialism, the joys (and sorrows) of sex, and why you literally cannot win once you've gotten yourself mixed up in goddesses' interpersonal disputes.For more details, show notes, and a full track listing, head on over to taleoftalespod.com, and feel free to subscribe, share, and review!Music Credits:“Afterlife” by Alexander Nakarada “Tranquil Fields - Eastern” by Alexander Nakarada “Wanderer” by Alexander Nakarada “Stay the Course” by Kevin MacLeod“Ancient Rite” by Kevin MacLeod “Tranquil Fields - Peaceful” by Alexander Nakarada“Send For the Horses” by Kevin MacLeod “The Enemy” by Alexander Nakarada “Oppressive Gloom” by Kevin MacLeod “Reign Supreme” by Kevin MacLeod “Expeditionary” by Kevin MacLeod “Gathering Darkness” by Kevin MacLeod “Burnt Spirit” by Kevin MacLeod “Tempting Secrets” by Kevin MacLeod