109: Are Some Sins WorseThan Others?


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Sin is not good. As a rule of thumb, this statement is agreed upon in Christian circles, but here's a question that many wrestle with– are some sins worse than others? Based on what tradition you come from, you may answer this question differently. In the Catholic tradition, there are different types of sins (venial and mortals sins) and each sin has a different level of punishment. In the Protestant tradition, most people believe that sin is sin and God sees all sin the same. So, are there worse sins that others?   In this episode of RTC, Marc and Fuller look at both the Bible and church history to figure out if there sins that are worse than others and if there are, what that means for us as Christians.   // Other Episodes You May Enjoy // 099: Is It a Sin for a Christian to Date an Unbeliever?: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/099-is-it-a-sin-for-a-christian-to-date-an-unbeliever/   083: Sinful Excuses: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/083-sinful-excuses/   067: How to Be Thankful in 2020: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/067-how-to-be-thankful-in-2020/   061: Let’s Talk About Sin: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/061-lets-talk-about-sin/   041: Is Gambling a Sin?: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/041-is-gambling-a-sin/   034: The One Sin That Won’t Be Forgiven: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/034-the-one-sin-that-wont-be-forgiven/   // Helpful Links // The Christian Standard Bible: https://bit.ly/3rulKqi Lifeway Christian Resources: https://bit.ly/3qka4Wv Got Questions?: https://bit.ly/3vSMJfq Dwell Bible App: https://bit.ly/3zUYq8E Cross Formed Kids from Ryan Coatney: https://bit.ly/3h19isZ RTC Quick Links: https://linktr.ee/realtalkchristianpodcast RTC Merch Store: https://real-talk-christian-podcast.creator-spring.com/ RTC Online: www.realtalkchristianpodcast.com