12 - UFC Welterweight Ramiz Brahimaj Interview


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Dirty Blinds


In this episode, we are joined by UFC Welterweight Ramiz Brahimaj. He talks about his background, his incredible journey to the UFC, and previews his fight vs Max Griffin on November 7th. Intro 0:00​ Ramiz's background story 0:50​ Beginning of MMA journey 1:45​ The Bronx to Texas 4:25​ Khabib vs. Gaethje, GOAT and retiring at 29-0 6:20​ Journey in the US Army 8:45​ DWTS Contender Series opportunity 10:20​ Discovering an orbital tumour 10:56​ Initial UFC debut opportunity 13:00​ Travelling the entire US 15:00​ Testing positive for COVID-19 16:00​ Previewing the fight vs. Max Griffin 17:30​ Giving valuable advice 19:00​ Almost getting robbed in London 21:50​ Outro 22:45 Ramiz Brahimaj ⬇️  Instagram - ramizb170 Twitter - 170Ramiz Follow our Spotify playlist, updated every Friday! ⬇️ https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7G0chLsKF4BbMbpPwENvI1?si=4DMC209aQEWtR4HoOzSaDg Follow us on the socials ⬇️ Dirty Blinds https://www.instagram.com/dirtyblindsmedia/ https://twitter.com/dirtyblindspod Flamur https://www.instagram.com/flamurkeli/ https://twitter.com/flamurXX Tufan https://www.instagram.com/tufanbtnr/ https://twitter.com/tufanbtnr