#144 - Emergent Literacy Strategies with Cortical Visual Impairment


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LOMAH Special Needs Podcast

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Despite what research tells us about time learners need in emergent literacy environments,  learners with CVI and significant disabilities are often expected to immediately jump into conventional strategies. This episode shares emergent literacy strategies, specifically in writing, for learners who have difficulty seeing and who have significant physical impairments.  About the Guest: Gretchen Hanser, PhD Dr. Hanser has worked in the field of assistive technology and literacy for students with significant disabilities for over 20 years. She is an educator and an occupational therapist. Her primary focus has been on augmentative and alternative communication and literacy for students with the most significant disabilities. She has worked in a variety of educational settings developing model classrooms, developing school based assistive technology centers, providing teacher and related service provider trainings, participating in assistive technology assessment teams and working directly with students and staff in the classroom. Gretchen has taught university classes and presents nationally and internationally on these subjects. She is currently the Director of Assistive Technology at the International Academy of Hope in New York City. Links to Mentioned Content Articles for Closing the Gap Comprehensive Literacy for All by Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver Article by Karen Erickson on what to do everyday with emergent learners (coming soon) Order of teaching phonological awareness (coming soon) Teachers Pay Teachers alphabet book Jane Farrall’s Pinterest page and blog post