#145 - Thoughts From a Nonspeaking Autistic on Communication and Literacy


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LOMAH Special Needs Podcast

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She was denied access to appropriate educational opportunities and a robust communication system for the first 18 years of life. But now, she has a degree in education policy and is a grad student studying curriculum instruction for the severely disabled. A self advocate shares what it was like to live with trapped thoughts for 18 years and what was helpful and harmful on her journey toward communication and literacy. About the Guest: Jordyn Zimmerman, B.Ed. Jordyn is a graduate student of education at Boston College studying Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on severe disabilities. Before graduate school, she completed her bachelors degree in education policy at Ohio University, as well as a minor in communication studies, and certificate in law, justice, and culture. She founded the seventh inclusive collegiate cheer team in the nation under Generation Spirit (formally The Sparkle Effect), served on the student senate, and was a finalist for the National Speech and Debate Association Student of the Year. She was a public policy intern for the National Disability Rights Network in Washington DC, and served as mentor, teaching assistant, and art instructor for an autism school for over 3 years. As a nonspeaking autistic student who was denied access to effective augmentative communication until she was 18 years old, Jordyn has personal experience challenging the educational status quo. An avid advocate, Jordyn is on the board of directors for Communication FIRST and is passionate about ensuring every student is able to access effective communication and exercise their right to a truly inclusive education. Follow Jordyn on twitter and visit her website to learn more about Jordyn, including links to her publications, information on speaking engagements, and media appearances.