1456: Native American Mormon Women and the Lamanite Myth


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Please join us as three Native American women, Sarah, Ann, and Monika who were raised in the Mormon church, discuss the following: - What they were taught about the "Lamanite doctrine" as Native American Mormon women. - How the Mormon Lamanite doctrine impacted their lives, especially while finding a partner. - How their perspectives have changed regarding the Mormon Lamanite doctrine. Links and show notes: Lamanitetruth.com  Monika's article in The Exponent "My Apology for My Complicity" For anyone that wants to be a part of Native American/Indigenous exMormon monthly group chat on Zoom, contact Sarah Newcomb through the Lamantie Truth page on Facebook. Sarah's essay is contained in this book entitled "Where Grandmother Walked" BYU Devotional Sarah referenced calling Polynesians more blessed (20:36) Ann's facebook video Monika's TikTok Donate to the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition Donate to Navajo Strong Donate to Eve's Place Donate to Collective Medicine Donate to The Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home