147: ATP AI: Frederique Mittelstaedt – Founder Automorph, pioneer of Artificial General Intelligence


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Asia Tech Podcast: Artificial Intelligence Show


Podcast highlights:What is Artificial Intelligence and what is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)?What are the challenges and frustrations that AI could fix for a coder or developer?Can you write code that eventually writes itself with AGI?Podcast notes: Joining Asia Tech Podcast AI today is Frederique Mittelstaedt, the founder of Automorph - a platform that aims to bring the problem solving skills of Artificial General Intelligence to the wider public. Automorph is a program that can write programs (sound a little meta?) Well, this could be the future of any app development or SaaS startup. Fred has already pioneered his own AGI programming language along with well thought out ideas about what constitutes intelligence as well as what makes many of those "fuzzy" skills that we love about being human (like creativity, art and music) something that we could ultimately teach machines.