#147 - Pros & Cons of the Most Common Therapy Models


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LOMAH Special Needs Podcast

Kids & Family

The most common settings for occupational, physical, and speech therapy are clinics, schools, homes, and in the community. This episode explores the pros and cons of each and introduces the new series where we rethink the what, when, where, why, and how of therapies we choose to use. About the Guest: Sara Hall, OTR/L Sara Hall is a pediatric occupational therapist and the owner of SOAR Pediatric Therapy, a community-based private practice specializing in unique and tailored therapy services to children of all ages and diagnoses. SOAR’s emphasis is on empowering parents and providing education to parents, caregivers and teachers for effective carryover and to best support children in all environments. With over 20 years experiences, Sara has worked across many settings, including school setting, clinics, home health early intervention, and community-based settings. She specializes in sensory integrative approaches, self-regulation, emotional regulation, reflex integration, and also has certification for completion of STAR Institute Sensory Processing Disorders Level 1 Mentorship and Astronaut Training. This episode is part of a 12 episode series in Season 5 rethinking the what, when, where, why, and how of the therapies we choose.