#149 - Neurodivergent vs. Ableist Therapeutic Practices: Part 1 of 2


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LOMAH Special Needs Podcast

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New methods of therapy are beginning to take hold that emphasize neurodivergent affirming practices. What does this even mean and how does it expand or change the scope of traditional therapeutic focus? This is the first of two episodes on the topic. About the Guest: Jacklyn Googins, MSOT Jacklyn (she/her) graduated from UNC Chapel Hill’s Master’s of Occupational Therapy program in August 2021. Jacklyn is the co-founder of OTs for neurodiversity, a paradigm-shift in social media advocacy platform and the co-founder of B3 Coffee, a nonprofit that provides social and vocational opportunities for people of all abilities. She plans to carve a non-traditional path as an OT interested in inclusive workplace practices, neurodiversity in higher education, and post-secondary transition planning. She identifies as neurodivergent and is dedicated to advancing social justice through her involvement in community-level initiatives. Mentioned Content: OT’s for ND Teachers Pay Teachers Site Neurodiversity-Affirming Versus Ableist Practice with Transition-Aged Clients - Please download this free chart in preparation for part 2 of the conversation happening in Episode 150. OT’s for ND Facebook Page OT’s for ND Instagram Page This episode is part of a 12 episode series in Season 5 rethinking the what, when, where, why, and how of the therapies we choose.