#153 - The Need for Niche Therapy


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LOMAH Special Needs Podcast

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Complex needs necessitate a more specialized approach toward therapy. Often the “Big 3” of speech, OT, and PT are not specialized enough to address complex needs. This episode takes a look at how niche therapies fold in the The Big 3 and where trends seem to be headed. About the Guest: Laura Hayes, MS, CCC-SLP Laura Hayes is a speech-language pathologist with over 12 years of augmentative communication experience in both school and medical settings.  Laura has presented locally and at state, national, and international conferences such as the Missouri Speech-Hearing Association, ATIA, and the Pediatric Perspectives Conference. She has been published and supported both inpatient pediatric and educational augmentative communication research.  She currently hosts a podcast for her school district titled: “Innovative AAC Solutions”. She loves providing training, implementation resources, and guided direction to help with success using AAC.  She can be followed for more resources and ideas on Instagram @aac_innovations. Links to Mentioned Content: Kim’s conversation w Chris Bugaj on the Talking With Tech Podcast about technology Inclusive Learning 365 book about integrating tech Chickadee AAC Sarah Gregory Rachel Mandell Episode w Jacklyn Googins where she discussed research based approaches to therapy This episode is part of a 12 episode series in Season 5 rethinking the what, when, where, why, and how of the therapies we choose.