158: Childhood ACEs and the SLP


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First Bite: A Speech Therapy Podcast


Guest: Megan Branham, LMSW - In the past thirty years, our knowledge of trauma and its effects have progressed significantly, but there is still plenty of research that needs to be done to further deepen our understanding. In today’s episode of First Bite, we get together with Megan Branham to discuss adverse childhood experiences, known as ACEs. We unpack how our knowledge of trauma is integrated into the field of SLPs, pediatrics, specialists, and social workers and the many challenges inherent to that mission. Megan holds a Master's in Social Work and is a graduate of the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Leadership for State-Based Advocates. She currently serves as VP Strategy for North, a media company based out of South Carolina. In our conversation with Megan, we discuss how ACEs first gained attention in the 1990s after new research found that these experiences led to a myriad of adverse health outcomes from learning disabilities to mental health problems, to chronic health conditions. We also discuss new insights into intergenerational trauma and how its biological impact alters human physiology on a cellular level, increasing the likelihood of adverse health outcomes and other issues. We cover a variety of topics that practitioners are confronted with regularly when it comes to dealing with trauma, like how to protect yourself when your personal trauma is triggered, and engaging in advocacy when you recognize policy failures. Join us for this fascinating and in-depth discussion on ACEs and how to be trauma-informed!