158 How CPAs Can Write Better Proposals without Having to Be Good Writers


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Epic Business Growth for CPAs by She Thinks Big


CPAs put all this time and effort into writing a good proposal. They package it up, send it off and it just goes into the abyss. Never to hear from the prospect again. Another problem is that you send out the proposal, the client or prospect comes back, you have a conversation with them, but they end up declining to work with you.  Then sometimes if value isn't fully captured, it can result in reduced fees and potentially leaving money on the table. So, if you can have a system for writing really solid proposals, without burning a bunch of time doing it, you can reduce the time that it spends, you can increase your conversion rate and you can potentially increase your fees without lowering your conversion rate.  And what I want you to have in this episode are the pieces that make up a good proposal.   Highlights: — “You do not have to be a Pulitzer prize winning writer to write a good proposal. Plain English is where it's at.” — “What forms the backbone of your proposal are the situation appraisal, the objectives, the service options, and the payment terms.” — “Everything that you need for your proposal can and should come out of a great discovery meeting.” — “In discovery meetings, make sure you're asking open-ended questions to find out what it is your clients are trying to achieve, what it is they really want, and understand if you're the person that can help them get there.” — “If you can, best to present your proposal live, either in person or on screen. So that you can walk them through it and you can answer questions on the spot.”  Download the PDF for this episode: https://www.shethinksbigcoaching.com/sample-proposal Episode mentions: 106 Better Pricing Strategies for Accountants: Stop Billing by the Hour https://www.smartstrategyforcpas.com/106   111 Better Pricing Methodologies For CPA Firms https://www.smartstrategyforcpas.com/111   Want to find out what options you might have for working together? More about 1:1 coaching, roadmaps, and DIY courses here: https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/coaching-options