160 How to Price CPA Advisory Services


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Want to attend Ten Essentials to Work Less as a CPA? Subscribe to my Daily Drip of business strategy for CPAs to get the details, as well as the guidance you need to stop working so hard for your revenue. Subscribe at SheThinksBigCoaching.com/subscribe-main-list   Today we’re talking about How to Price Advisory Services.  If you don’t know how to price or how to think about pricing, you may run into some common potholes, like underpricing your services, overworking in order to compensate, clients who are less emotionally invested in your business relationship and therefore get less valuable results, and so on. In this episode, in order to make it easier to improve prices, we break out what might be a common CPAs client roster into 5 possible buckets. And once we have the buckets separated, then we can get into what is an appropriate price range for not just the services - or even better - the outcomes. Hopefully by giving you some ranges and some examples, you will have a sense of what is "reasonable" and what is in the ballpark.  But your prices will be tied to the value that you can provide. And that value will always be subjective and based on what the buyer perceives the value to be. Want more on pricing and other business topics for CPAs? Join me for “Ten Essentials for Working Less” – a free training series on Crowdcast thru OCT 25th.  More info here.     Want to find out what options you might have for working together? More about 1:1 coaching, roadmaps, and DIY courses here: https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/coaching-options