164: The One Where We Get Acquainted


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First Bite: A Speech Therapy Podcast


Guest: Erin Forward, MSP, CCC-SLP, CLC - This is our 164th episode and until now we have not had an episode dedicated to our backstory, and some of the silly things that also make up who we are, so we decided to spend today answering some of your questions and helping our audience getting to know us a little better! We still find some time for some serious thoughts on the life of an SLP but you can expect some talk about movies, our favorite character from Friends, which podcasts get us the most excited, and much more! Other questions we answer include how we first met, dealing with the demands of work and finding time for family, alternative career paths, and the best memories from our careers in speech therapy. So, if you have ever felt like you would like to get to know Erin and Michelle just a little bit better, and fill in some of the gaps, this is the show for you!