19: How to Hit Your Driver Farther & Interview with Arccos CEO Sal Syed


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Goforth & Golf


Most golfers would love to hit their driver further! In this episode, Steve gives 5 tips to help you improve your driving distance so you can start hitting bombs!  Arccos Golf is an unbelievable software that helps you track your shots and statistics so you can begin your journey to improving your golf game! Steve interviews their Founder and CEO Sal Syed. They discuss the following topics: What inspired him to invent this software and where did it gets its name? How the smart sensors work Caddie Link and how it helps golfers pinpoint the exact club to hit. How Strokes Gained Analytics can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game How Arccos can help you fine-tune your golf equipment The future of the company.....and much more! Thank you to Pure on Main for sponsoring this podcast! Live a healthier life by achieving whole body wellness the all-natural way with the help of Pure On Main! Visit their website at www.pureonmain.com and start feeling better and living a healthier life!   www.goforthgolfinstruction.com   www.willow-creekgolf.com   www.arccosgolf.com