2021.08.15 Joe Helg (Living Under Restrictions: 1 Timothy 6:11-16)


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When you read the scriptures we can quickly see that living with some sort of ‘restrictions’ was nothing new to the saints of old. From the days of Moses – to the time of the Apostles – at the age of the Reformers – and today’s conditions for the persecuted church… the capacity for & the opportunity to grow, develop, & mature as followers of Jesus Christ has always been present, even in the midst of restrictions of some sort. Last year, when this ‘pandemic adventure’ began, a phrase was mentioned that stays true today… “…that while the context may change… the call remains the same” So this morning we're going to draw from Paul's letter to Timothy how we, as believers, can take up the call to 'fight the good fight of faith' - even if we're living under restrictions. to watch the whole service just click the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=httjZZiU6ko&t=3658s