210. Help Children to be SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD


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Connie's quote today is by ~ Dr. Seuss, “Oh the places you’ll go!  You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”   YouTube: https://youtu.be/Tda02-bWMz8   Check Out These Highlights:  As a kid, I remember going to Barnes and Noble to buy our summer reading books for the next academic year.  As I reflect on those fond memories, I can feel the excitement.  For me that feeling of walking into the huge bookstore, the smell the of the paper the books were printed on, and the exploration of which books to choose to help start my summer adventure.   There was always a selection of about a dozen books, and we had to choose 5 or 6 to read.   I’d love for you to take just a moment and reflect on your summer reading, the feeling it evokes, and the memories, whether good or bad.  For me that reflection feels so nice and allows me to pause and be a kid for just a few minutes and it feels so good!   About JoAnn Nocera: JoAnn Nocera. JoAnn is an Educational Leader, Creativity Enthusiast, and Author with over two decades of experience helping children reach their highest learning potential and teaching parent’s strategies to greater assist in the process. In short, Jo helps children to be SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD.   Nocera has worked to change the culture of schools and provide families tools for their home life to help children succeed academically and emotionally. She has spent years researching and developing techniques in the areas of reading, math, science, differentiated instruction, time management, social emotional learning, and has proven successful in helping students in all facets of education.   Her forthcoming children's book series, Katherine Grace, is due out in Fall 2021, and her book Give Me Back My Crayons with companion planner Give Me Back My Creativity are available wherever books are sold. How to Get in Touch With JoAnn Nocera: Email:  teach4mejo2@gmail.com Website: https://www.joannnocera.com/ Book link on Amazon for Katherine Grace Unlocks the Keys   Stalk me online! Enlightenment of Change Facebook group: tinyurl.com/EOCFacebookGroup   Website:  https://whitmanassoc.com/   Connie's #1 International Bestseller Book - ESP (Easy Sales Process): 7-Step to Sales Success:  https://whitmanassoc.com/resources/   Download Free Communication Style Assessment:  www.whitmanassoc.com/csa   Subscribe and listen to Enlightenment of Change podcast on your favorite podcast streaming service or on YouTube.  New episodes post every week - listen to Connie dive into new sales and business topics or problems you may have in your business.