#211 Faith Elicia on Eating Disorders: Insights for All


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Show Notes  Today my guest, Faith Elicia, and I talk largely about the secret life of those caught in an addictive trap, especially the trap of food and eating disorders. Although Faith’s book, Do You See What I See, is focused on eating disorders, Faith is keen to point out that eating disorder in but another in the long line of addictions facing millions of people in the USA today. Faith talks about how addictions are often inherited or learned from parents and the way we were raised. In grossly dysfunctional families, many children have a very difficult time finding value in the worth as a person. Faith puts it this way: I need you to believe in me because I can’t believe in myself. Gaining self-confidence and self-worth are essential for breaking the addictive cycle. Join me in this thoughtful and engaging chat with Faith Elicia and learn incredibly helpful insights about living a fulfilled life.   Get Faith book from Amazon at Do You See What I See. Learn more about Faith Elicia at www.faithelicia.com For more on Charlie visit The Next Chapter with Charlie