23: Improving Your Game With Visualization & Interview with StretchLab


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Goforth & Golf


Visualization can transform your golf game tremendously. In this episode, Steve discusses how visualization can help your game and how you can implement it on the golf course. This is an episode you don't want to miss because learning how to visualize like the best golfers in the world can help you lower your scores! Steve's guest on the podcast is StretchLab General Manager Luke McClellan. They talk about the following topics: The history of StretchLab What you can expect when you visit their studio The most common areas of damage in the body where there is a lack of flexibility. Important physical factors golfers should be aware of if you want to produce a consistent and successful golf swing Examples of lack of flexibility that can cause injury to other parts of your body How stretching can help you create better ball striking Areas of the body you should consider stretching before your round of golf ....and so much more!!! Thank you to Pure on Main for sponsoring this podcast! Live a healthier life by achieving whole body wellness the all-natural way with the help of Pure On Main! Visit their website at www.pureonmain.com and start feeling better and living a healthier life!       www.goforthgolfinstruction.com        www.willow-creekgolf.com  www.stretchlab.com