264: How Are All The Children?


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Ending Human Trafficking Podcast


Co-hosts, Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dr. Dave Stachowiak, discuss the wellbeing of all our children. The emphasize the need to provide access to education and access to social services in order to see that all the children are fine, which will lead to a strong community. Key Points High percentage of youth who have been identified as CSEC were also previously identified by Social Services for prior abuse. ACEs screening tests serve as a preventative tool to provide resources to youth who are vulnerable. From 2019-2020, child labor increased for the first time in two decades. Corporations and consumers play a role in demanding fair labor. Resources Ep. 263: Substance Use Prevention in Schools with Stephan Lambert 2019-2020 Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force Report Ep. 73: Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern Child Slave - Shyima Hall Ep. 172: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Building Resilience CDC - Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) ACEs Aware - acesaware.org ILAB - 2020 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor UN SDG - Goal #1: No Poverty Sweat & Toil app Comply Chain app Ep. 247: Perspectives on Transformation in Labor Trafficking with Ben Skinner Love the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! Become a Patron Transcript Dave [00:00:00] You're listening to the Ending Human Trafficking podcast. This is episode number 264, How Are All the Children? Production Credits [00:00:08] Produced by Innovate Learning, maximizing human potential. Dave [00:00:29] Welcome to the Ending Human Trafficking podcast. My name is Dave Stachowiak. Sandie [00:00:34] And my name is Sandie Morgan. Dave [00:00:37] And this is the show where we empower you to study the issues, be a voice, and make a difference in ending human trafficking. Sandie, in our last episode, we talked to Stephan Lambert about all of the current issues with substance abuse going on with kids and teens right now. It's a fascinating and difficult conversation, but such an important one. I hope folks will go revisit if they haven't already heard it. And it's a great lead-in to today's conversation, isn't it? How are all the children? Sandie [00:01:11] Oh my goodness. Yeah. The timing couldn't have been better, really. And back at Vanguard, our students are back in person and it's a very different environment, and anxiety and stress responses are different. But I was inspired by a school superintendent from Long Beach a few months ago who mentioned there is an African greeting that says, How are the children? And I thought, that's pretty interesting. So I dug into it and spent a few hours on the internet reading and discovered that there is a Maasai warrior greeting. And the key here, Dave, is warrior. The key word. And I think sometimes we think the frontline in human trafficking is raiding brothels. But over and over again, I come back to prevention and that starts in childhood. So these warriors greet each other and Maasai warriors are very tall and very strong, and they look intimidating. And so when they greet each other with how are all the children, the correct response if you're protecting your village is all the children are fine. So Dave, you're a Maasai warrior. I'm a Maasai warrior. How are all the children, Dave? Dave [00:02:53] All the children are fine. Or, are they not are? Sandie [00:02:58] Ah, and I was telling this story at Priceless and Judge Maria Hernandez and Judge Joanne Motoike, who have worked with our children CSEC survivors for years, both said at the same time, all the children are not fine. And that's why I believe that we need to reframe prevention as the front line. And if you start thinking about what that looks like, we aren't going to have the number of victims further on down the road if we do p...