# 28 Thierry Lincou: The balance Master! MIT’s Head Coach & Former World #1 Frenchman opens up about all his families! Growing up, Tecnifibre as well as his love of cars.


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This episode, we make Squash Radio (SqR)history as we welcome our first interview with the former World No. 1 and World Champion, Thierry Lincou!   Thierry Lincou is currently the Head Coach of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) squash team. He reached the World No. 1 ranking among squash professionals in January 2004.   In today’s episode, Thierry will talk about his stories on his family, his squash journey, transitioning from being a world number 1 player to becoming a coach, and his plans. He will also share his love for cars and books, and his views on what the squash sport must improve on all levels.   Learn what is in the mind of the world’s number 1 squash player and his perspectives on life and the sport. Listen up and enjoy!   Key Takeaways: -Thierry as a professional surfer in a separate universe -Thierry as a balanced athlete on court and peace-loving and feel-good athlete off court -His family, environment, and the story that shaped his views -What made him decide to move to France and the adjustments in transitioning -His story on being a Tecnifibre brand ambassador -How he helped Tecnifibre in navigating the squash world -How he started working with Amanda Sobhy -What are Amanda Sohby’s superpowers on the court for him -How he puts Amanda’s ultimate success on-track as a coach -How the transition of being a World No. 1 player to becoming a coach is for him -His mentors and coaches during the training days -The influence of the coaching styles that coaches had on him and learning to be a coach -His vision for the MIT squash program -How he got into the college squash program through MIT -His frustrations in giving guarantee in selecting players at MIT -Summing his experience involving the college squash program -Bringing diversity-equity inclusion to his team and future teams -On sharing his story and leading by example in coaching -His passion for cars and his driving style -His choice between Formula 1 or NASCAR -The cars he has in his garage and his dream cars -How he feels about electric cars -His car preference and where he wants to drive it -His plans beyond Ten years -What he wants to see improved in all levels of squash -What movies and documentaries he loves -What gets Thierry fired up -What gives him disproportionate happiness -Thierry TED talks on his love for reading books -What types of podcasts he listens to and books he loves   Links Thierry Lincou on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/thierry-lincou-b4825a11/ Thierry Lincou Website - https://www.thierry-lincou.com/   Books Guerriers de la lumiere: Trilogie by Paulo Coelho - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50517771-guerriers-de-la-lumi-re **************************** This episode of Squash Radio sponsored by ProSportLED – the most advanced lighting technology for sports. If you have an interesting story you think our audience needs to hear, feel free to reach out to us on social media or email squashradio@gmail.com. As always, thanks for listening!