#30 Bill Ullman: Princeton grad with a passion for Finance, Squash & Podcasting


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We are making Squash Radio history today with our first fellow podcaster in the hot seat. Bill Ullman is an investment banking and financial services veteran, a lifelong squash player, and host of Squashing the Market, a podcast where he sits down with various experts, leaders and CEOs to discuss the latest developments in the FinTech world. In this conversation, we hear about Bill's incredibly diverse journey, the different spaces he has worked in, and his decision to venture out on his own. Naturally, the chat moves to the squash world, where Bill weighs in on the state of the sport in the country. Having lived abroad, Bill has seen just how international the sport is, and the potential it has if we can overcome capacity constraints and misconceptions about it. We also touch on some of the exciting developments that have taken place and Bill’s hopes for squash going forward. As usual, we end the show with our Quick-Fire questions. Bill is an admirable champion of the game, having won 2 US National 50+ doubles championships and one in Canada (55+)! Be sure to tune in today!   Key Points From This Episode: Get to know Bill, the various chapters of his career, and his continual reinvention of himself.  The highlights of being an investment banker along with the drawbacks of the sector.  The most important financial thing Bill has done throughout his life: maximizing on savings.  Why you want to avoid being a trader and should look to be an investor instead.  It is tough to delay gratification in a culture that does not support it.  Bill's view of the squash industry; where the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities lie.  The major hurdle when it comes to scaling the sport in the U.S.  There is a lot of squash talent in the country, what's lacking are the opportunities.  Why there needs to be government involvement for the physical capacity of the sport to increase.  Bill's outlook on whether squash is a good investment or not.  Exciting partnerships that are already happening; looking at SquashBusters.  Bill's squash achievements and his relationship with the game over the years.  Hear what squash means to Bill; it encompasses so many things.  The impetus for starting Squashing the Market and its unique niche.  How Bill picks the guests for his show   Quick-fire questions with Bill: his take on professional squash, his favorite players, and more!  Bill's favorite movies, what gets him fired up, what makes him happy, what his TED Talk would be about, and the media he recommends.   Highlights:   “The single most important thing that I have done in my life financially has been to be a religious saver.” — @UllmanBill [0:09:13]   “Squash, for me, is the most complete game. It just seems to encapsulate everything.” — @UllmanBill [0:16:24]   “Squash to me is friends, fitness, it's community, it's playing the game, and trying to get better at the game. Those are the key things for me. I have so many relationships that I cherish that I have made through the game of squash.” — @UllmanBill [0:40:18]   “I don’t know that it's the recognizable names that make my podcast what it is. I'm not after the uber celeb investor or CEO, although I'd be happy to interview them. I'm more interested in entrepreneurs and people building things at earlier stages in their journey.” — @UllmanBill [1:02:13]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:   Bill Ullman on LinkedIn Bill Ullman on Twitter ‎Squashing the Market with Bill Ullman Orchard Platform The Daily FinQ Quiz US Squash NU Squash SquashBusters Greg Zaff Princeton University McArthur Squash Center Zac Prince Zac Prince on Squashing the Market  Rear Window The Godfather Superbad Step Brothers Hamilton The Killer Angels Here's the Thing Robert E. Lee and Me Warren Buffett   SPONSOR SUPPORT: ProSportLED This episode of Squash Radio (SQR+) sponsored by ProSportLED – the most advanced lighting technology for your racquet sport needs.  ProSportLED and Squash Radio (SQR+) are both aligned about the importance of sharing the stories of people involved in our Sport.  Reach out to us at squashradio@gmail.com if you know of anyone interested in LED lighting.