30: Melanie Lambrick – Follow Your Gut and Trust Yourself


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Illustration Hour


About this EpisodeMelanie Lambrick (IG; Web) is an illustrator and designer based in Montreal, Canada. Melanie's work really caught my eye from the moment I first saw it on Instagram. It's delightfully textured, filled with brilliant color palettes and pleasing compositions. Melanie's work is a nod to the folk art traditions of the 1960s, works by illustrators like the great John Alcorn and Charley Harper. Melanie has worked with a nice roster of distinguished clients like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Volkswagen, Fortune Magazine and Medium. You might be surprised to learn, as I was that Melanie wasn't always an illustrator. Illustration is Melanie's second career. She left a steady full-time job behind to follow her dream of illustrating. In this conversation we talk about:Melanie's transition from full-time employment to freelance illustrationHow Melanie found her voice and style as an illustratorWhy you finding your creative process is keyHow to promote yourself and find work in the beginningThe pains of social media as a creativeHow to make time for personal projects and admin tasks as a freelancerComprehensive Show Notes:Find all the links to books, projects and things we discussed via the link below.Episode Show NotesSupport the ShowThank you for listening to Illustration Hour. As you might know, the show currently doesn't have any sponsors.Each episode takes a tremendous amount of time, effort and some money to produce. I do all of that work myself. So, if you want to support the show, please consider doing one (or all!) of these things:Subscribe to the show's weekly newsletter Art ClubLeave the show a review and rating on Apple PodcastsSign up for a free trial of Skillshare for 2 months of free access using this link (I earn a commission for everyone that signs up and you do not need to pay for Skillshare at the end of your trial). Skillshare is amazing and you'll be able to check out tons of great courses on illustration and design as a thank you.Share the show and the newsletter with others!Thank you for helping me continue to make the show possible.Follow the podcast:Our WebsiteNewsletter AKA Art ClubTwitterInstagramFree ResourcesFollow Julia:WebsiteInstagramBehanceSkillshare