312 (BONUS) | The Two Questions Your Website Needs to Answer to Book More Business with Davey Jones


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Creative Rising


During this time of quarantine, one of the best things for you to focus on as a wedding photographer is to make sure your website is looking amazing.But what exactly makes a website 'amazing'? How do you know if what you're showing is really converting?Knowing what you should put on your website (and where) can be extremely confusing, which is why I brought in the expert. Davey Jones and his wife, Krista, are incredible website designers that help brands create websites that book.In this episode, Davey unpacks the step-by-step process of how to create a website that creates clarity, spreads your message, and attracts your dream clients. From the 2-3 important items that MUST go on your homepage (including the ONE item that should be seen first) to how to create an about page that actually works, he helps us understand the two critical questions that every website needs to answer that stand in the way of you and booking clients.You're gonna love the concrete action steps in this episode that you can use to level up your website today. Learn more about Davey and Krista here:https://daveyandkrista.com/Check out Davey's podcast, Brands that Book, here:https://daveyandkrista.com/btb-show/NEXT STEPS:JOIN OUR FREE CREATIVE RISING COMMUNITYhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/339344669485595/WANT BETTER CLIENTS? TAKE THIS CLASS:https://dreamieclass.comLEAVE A REVIEW:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/creative-rising/id1464017907Reviews are how we get found! If you're binging these episodes, then share the love!! Leave a review on iTunes so that other amazing photographers like you can find us, too.